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The services offered by HopeDepot/Linda McCormick are not a substitution for medical treatments or medications. Linda McCormick nor HopeDepot LLC does not claim to treat, diagnose, cure, mitigate or prescribe. It is recommended that you work with your Doctor or Primary Caregiver Provider on any medical concerns and inform them about any support sessions you are receiving from other sources.  Clients may refuse or discontinue any and all services at any time.

Our Services


Reflexology is the ancient art of mapping points on the feet and hands that correspond to all glands, organs and systems of the body.


These ‘mirrors’ or ‘reflections’ are manually stimulated similar to a deep foot ‘massage’. With me, the reflexology follows a footbath that amplifies your bio-electric field and when combined together the session provides a sense of detoxing and relaxation while reclining on an infrared mat and enjoying a serene ambiance.



Footbath: gentle detox and energy balancing. Reflexology: relaxation and improved nerve and blood supply.





Colonics is the method of removing waste from the large intestine whereby filtered water is gently introduced into the colon where waste is softened, loosened and released through natural peristalsis. Also known as Colonics. 

A peaceful atmosphere is maintained as the process repeats itself numerous times during the session as modesty and dignity are maintained. FDA approved equipment and disposable single-use tubes are used.


Maintaining or regaining a healthy colon, a clean digestive tract which supports a healthy immune system. It also relieves stress on the body from “auto-intoxication” claimed by Hippocrates to be the source of chronic disease.



I-ACT International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy,



BioMat integrates NASA technology to provide whole body tune up as you lay on this source of Infrared Light, Amethyst and Ion synergy in a peaceful setting. The Chi Machine is added to move the “chi” (Chinese for energy) which includes the lymphatic system and is necessary for the efficient removal of waste and the balance of body fluids.


Support balance in the body and provide deep relaxation, reducing stress. It is a restful stand-alone experience or prelude to enhance other therapies.





LifeShieldLaser was developed by the now-retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Knell, with over 2,200 beneficial cell optimizing frequencies with multiple benefits of all living things; plants and animals.



Stimulates cells to enhance their innate capabilities. This is a portable tool that anyone can use for balancing and energy.



Youtube “Leonard Knell/LifeShieldLaser”

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla



Developed by award-winning scientists, LifeVantage brings to market unique products for all mammals to reverse “oxidative stress” which is the root of most disease and the aging process itself, by 40% in 30 days. Nrf1 and Nrf2 activation and our other energy enhancing products are leaders in the cutting edge and growing field of “nutrigenomics”.


Feel better, look better, perform better. Add life to your years and years to your life! Most report better sleep, more energy, less pain, clearer thinking.



Protandim, Nrf2, Oxidative stress., Protandim, glutathione, Nrf2, Oxidative stress.



Blending the techniques gathered from similar approaches, layers of 8 essential oils are used on the spine, ears, and feet while lying face down for an unforgettable, relaxing treat.


Increase overall health and well-being, reduce stress, maximize inherent beneficial properties of ancient essential oils/aromatherapy and the blessing of light, human touch for deep relaxation and calming.



Study the historical and safe use of essential oils. Contacts available upon request!



Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging test of physiology as early detection of disease, or monitoring especially breast health, with two copies of scans and report for you and your doctor.


Non invasive, no radiation, painless, no body contact, FDA approved.